While the Modi government has been taking some very wise decisions, the recent one has moved the country! Yes, you got that right, the government may fix the food portions that will be served at the hotels and restaurants. Though this doesn’t apply to the dhabas, it has been receiving both positive as well as negative feedback. PM Modi had recently spoken about the issue of food wastage in the country during Mann ki Baat, and finally on Tuesday, this news came out! Not just food experts and foodies, but everybody had something to say over it, the Twitterati too…

While some people feel that it wouldn’t help in food wastage, some feel that it is a wise decision. Here are some of the tweets shared by the tweelebs…

  • Bhai ab aur kya baaki hai!

  • You know who brought the concept of 1×2 soup right?


  • What next?

  • Tumhari itni himmat?!

  • PM Modi = fitness expert

  • The irony!

  • Here we have some better ideas too

  • Any Aadhar card advantages?

Let us see now how it goes, and if this plans works out or not… share your opinion and views on the same in the comments section below.