Tryst With Obituary a lie

Hello everyone,
I am glad that Ambuj is in peace with himself. I am sure there must be at least two-three people who must be crying for that he is gone now forever. Oh, if the number of people is less than what I have stated, then it must be possible that the news might not have reached them.

Well, that’s another lie. A lie, Ambuj would have specifically told on this auspicious day. A lie to soothe his dead soul. In real, as you see, it’s not even one person. That is what he had earned. Well, what he did in life? He lied. He lied to himself and to everything. Why? To live. To smile and to laugh. To be like a human. Lie was the thing that kept him alive. It was really beautiful to watch him lie. It belonged to present rather than past or future. He lied, so that everyone was happy and contented around him. He sometimes deliberately lied to get caught so that one cycle of it ends and to his disappointment, sometimes it just ended, I mean, aren’t relationships and life built on premises of lies in this honest world? But, he was always honest towards relationships and life, just that when the premises are built on lies, most of the things are lies. Well, he earned his bread and butter by speaking lies. He couldn’t breathe in the toxic state of society around him, and to inhale everything, he lied. He proclaimed to be a rebel. He also proclaimed to lie on his own beliefs and shut down the hypocrisy of the norms, set by the society. Isn’t that great thing about lie, one has no fear of hypocrisy and even the society, which follows “hypocrisy” blindly while claiming, ‘not to’, openly to other blinds. He had this quote asked to almost everyone he knew, “Do you believe in the moral right of a thief to say, ‘Do not steal’”. He proclaimed one could know a lot about a person if one critically analysed the individual’s answer. I believe this was a lie, a lie to hide that fact of not judging the society. On contrary, he never wanted anyone to lie to himself. That’s the thing, we can go on and on about terrorism, poverty and prostitution but deep down we never want the people around ourselves to be one of them. Well, that was him.

Tryst With Obituary truth

And here is he, dead. That’s the truth. All said, he tried his best for making every lie that he said be true someday. Well, now he gives up the honest world back to everyone he knew. Hope everyone enjoys it.

Oh, this obituary. It’s just about this moment. Well, that’s a lie. And that’s what he would have told and ended with – ‘Kisi chaurahey par fir mulakat hogi ek naye kissey ke saath. Alvida’


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