Thank you for existing..

Yes, it’s Women’s Day, and on this day, I would like to take out a little bit of time to thank all the men who have made me stronger by believing in me. Yes, it’s because of them that I am proudly standing on my own feet and celebrating this day. Yes, I owe it all to them.

Daddy be the dearest

Thank you dad for believing in me. Thank you for getting me in this world. A mere thanks is not enough but it makes me lil lighter each time I tell you how much I appreciate what all you’ve done for me.

The bold and brave bhai

You have troubled me the most, fought with me the most but at the end of the day, you’ve also picked me up whenever I felt low. Because, it has been always clear na, that you can say anything to me and even fight with me, but dare somebody else points out on me. So, thank you for protecting me always!

Most supportive best friend

I know we girls are more expressive than you guys and we keep telling you how much we love you every now and then. But, today, I want to thank you my bestie for being with me, for telling me that I can do it and also making me believe in myself. Thank you for giving me hopes that I can do something and for helping me dump the bad guys in life :p

My baby boyfriend

Thank you for pampering me like a little kid, for understanding me and for comforting me always. Your hugs complete me when I feel lonely, your care makes me feel safe and secure and your faith in me makes me want to grow more positive and stronger in life. You make me feel so dependently independent. You’ve given me wings to fly high and are also there to catch me if I fall.