Who doesn’t love to play with colors during Holi? Splashing the colors of love is fun and happening but sometimes these colors damage your skin by causing irritation, itching or rashes. It can also damage your hair by making them too dry. So here we are to help you by suggesting little desi things that can help you protect your skin and hair from the harsh colors this Holi..

1. Sometimes oily hair is good

Do not wash your head and go out to play holi. Instead oil your hair so that they become greasy and the colors do not stay on them. To go desi, ask your mom to apply some ghar ka ghee on your hair. That too will give the greasy effect.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

Water outside will be good only if there’s water inside your body too. Drink lots of water so that your skin feels rejuvenated and not too dry. The harsh colours won’t affect your skin in that case.

3. Apply sunscreen

Apply sunscreen of the SPF 50 to keep your skin sun-safe. This will be like an additional layer that comes as a barrier between the skin and the colors. Also, don’t sit in the sun for too long with the colors on your face.

4. Go organic

Opt for organic colors. The organic colors will go off easily and will not harm your skin as they do not contain harmful chemicals and artificial color. Herbal colors can be prepared at home with the extracts of flowers and food colors.

5. Nail polish

Apply a coat of dark-colored nail polish to secure your nails from the harsh colors. In this way, the colors won’t stick to your nails and can be removed easily.