You might be super chill or play cool cards in many situations but some of these tiny activities piss you off and push you to lose your cool. There are some common daily life tasks that absolutely kill the impatient people. No doubt, crabby people cannot handle it. So, what things are going on in your head? Match those crotchety activities with your checklist. Check out everything you can’t stand, and then, compare yourself with your friends.

1. When people walk slowly in front of you.

2. When a baby cries unstoppably during movie-time.

3. Forgetting your headphones.

4. When your phone charger breaks-down.

5. When someone gets their food before you, even though you ordered first.

6. When the water pressure in the shower is too low.

7. Youtube ads that you can’t skip.

8. Tape that doesn’t come off the roll cleanly.


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