Being a victim of stalking or better I say “kidnapping” is the one good thing that happened to me. I realized how my mother never loved me more than her own little kid, how I lost all the hopes of parental love when she chose her own little kid over me… The reality sucks and so does it make me ache at nights. One day I will surely forget her and love the person that accepted me for who I am… No more any less, but love.  Sometime we get from those who don’t ask for love in return.

Little running feet knocking on my pumps,
Beats of life holder fasten, looked like absorbed all the power of my lungs,
I was breathless but couldn’t stop, He was there who used to stalk,
Staring at me, his greyish eyes,
As grey as my little step brother who always cries,
The one I used to hate, the one who destroyed everyone’s fate,
Scared I was, too scared to stop and scream,
Memory is blurring, age has doubled from nine to eighteen,
I remember the long deep ugly scar on my neck,
Cause of strangle through knife he hid at his back,
I was told not to cry, the knife would move and I could die,
Opened my eyes I was in the mansion, I never knew his helpless intention,
Treated me well and sorry for his behaviour,
His greys got wet; I stopped crying for my savior,
What did he want?
Oh! My little brother he said, I frowned,
Day by day we accepted the reality,
Mother hugged the little one instead of me,
Now, a father jangles in stalker’s voice,

I am in love with writing... A girl whose morning starts with exploring how people puke out their different emotions and ends up with digging deep into the words. I write because "via writing words may fade but never left unsaid."