It was perhaps, the darkest era of Indian democracy when the Mandate was murdered for eighteen long months, it seemed like a never ending tenure. Yes, I am talking about the 1975 internal emergency declared by Mrs. Gandhi but amidst all the atrocities hurled at us or the opposition leaders, a significant achievement goes disparaged.

No, I am not justifying that phase; it can’t even be but anyways it is always better to start with a disclaimer. India was no longer just a “SOVEREIGN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC” but we now became a “SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC”.

The most remarkable of all these changes was the addition of word Secular to the Preamble. But wait why I am assiduously searching these archives forty two years since their inception in the Indian Constitution or what People call Mini-Constitution (the Constitution of Indira). Surely, I don’t have a nostalgic feeling attached to this amendment.

Emergency The Dark Age of Indian democracy
Image Source: The Hindu

From Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri to Junaid Khan in Ballabhgarh to the recent event of Mohammad Afrazul in Rajasmand. These are not just the only incidents of hate crime against a particular minority group because in between all these there are numerous other examples which have seen a very similar Modus Operandi. All these incidents being highlighted not only in the National media but in the International Media as well have left India’s much preserved Secular image in tatters. While questioning our existence as a Secular state it has put forward a political agenda namely MAJORITARIANISM. The fact which seems even more fascinating is the political bolster which these incidents enjoy. While the politician belonging to a particular ideology look to leverage such cases to polarize the population and mobilize in one direction to gain electoral benefits; the motives of those involved in such heinous crimes is yet not clear.

Political support is no more a clandestine camaraderie; in fact they are in open relationship which hardly needs a proof. One of the examples which I could cite even drowsily at 4 am in the morning is that of Mahesh Sharma’s (Member of Parliament from Gautam Buddh Nagar) visit to Dadri. He visited the family of deceased 22 year old Ravi Sisodia, who was one of the 18 arrested on charges of murdering Akhlaq after hearing the rumours of beef eating. This major event went under reported in this phase of embedded journalism.

To some my note may seem to be a bit penchant towards a particular ideology. Frankly speaking, I am not inclined towards anyone instead I am inclined away from an ideology which supports this vigilantism and sponsors these hate crime towards a particular minority group.

Well to end my note in an optimistic note, I firmly believe that this hate mongering will end sooner or later. As all these short lived tactics to manage electoral and vote banks will surely perish, either today or tomorrow. We have lived here on Our Motherland peacefully for Centuries and will continue to do so.

If you all are still wondering that why have I titled this article as “42?” It is for a simple reason that the amendment act which added the word Secular to Indian Constitution was 42 amendment Act and it has been 42 years since the amendment was made.

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