Thank you for keeping the fire of patriotism alive in the country. Thank you for caring about each and every soldier fighting on the line, or at least drawing awareness about each and every soldier fighting on the line, I mean at least for the ones who don’t criticize the system. Thank you for teaching us how to believe in something blindly, a practice which has become extremely rare. Thank you for straightening up everybody on the national anthem. Thank you for keeping the business of twitter intact; in fact, for letting us know that freedom of speech is a myth, and probably brought to us by the western civilization. Thank you for loving your country with all its imperfections, for not seeing even a single flaw in it!

But, for all the love that you have provided, I also wish to thank you for not letting this country grow, for being so blindly in love with it that you have ignored every flaw it had, and destroyed the option of evolution almost deeming it unnecessary for the beautiful nation that we have. For every girl child who was killed or a woman who was burnt alive because of dowry, to keep moisturizing your soft ego sustained under the umbrella of cultural legacy. Thank you for every rape that took place under your shadow, because questioning a guy brought up in the sanskari (cultured) wonderland as yours should be rightfully wrong, and hence the girl is at fault with her jeans and gender. Thank you for being with the soldiers, morally of course, because physical and financial help will lead you to doubt your motherland’s system, and that is against your sabhyata (civilization). Hence let’s keep shouting slogans, and continue to threaten their wives and daughters.

Thank you for the blind love, not between people of course, they rightfully need to be killed if caught falling in love, spreading love, looking at love or even thinking about love, because love only exists in that forced MMS you made of a young couple, to teach them a lesson naturally, and for that very reason you whatsapped that MMS to your friends, stating that it was the most enjoyable thing to watch. Love also exists in the dead bodies hanging on the tress, landing them in another round of MMS casting. But the love I really want to thank you for, is the one you have shown towards the youth of the country, while some of you are the youth of the country, this love in the most transparent way (like how every love story should be) told the counterpart that questioning is wrong, that asking anything for the system or on the system is punishable, that even a tweet/retweet/joke/the print on your t-shirt/the support on your facebook wall/the film that you liked, or even the celebration you had for your damn birthday can become an excuse to hang you without any legal bindings, to burn you for the sake of teaching purposes, to jail you so that the right to question, the right to have an informed awareness, the right to free living shouldn’t exist at all! Because, apparently, it was never a part of our culture.

Thank you for putting so much of hard work in reading every hashtag on twitter/facebook/snapchat or any other medium to control the views of the people, to not let them speak whatever they want, to let them know about your thoughts in the most explicit way, to abuse them without any partiality, be it a girl, an old man, a boy or an informed researcher, because nothing comes above the honor of your country, which apparently lies in a twitter feed, not on the infrastructure you made or the living environment you created, the honor solely resides in the twitter feed, and we should all thereby strive to save it.

Lets pledge to tweet #myIndiaisgreat twice a day, once after lunch,and once after dinner, thrice on weekends.

And while you are so busy in saving the country with all your dedicated and channelized work, I shall also do my little part by not letting you get to me, by not just questioning, but finding solutions, by not just tweeting but implementing my thoughts, by doing my thing without getting into any arguments with you, because we all know logic is a unicorn for you.
“I bow to thee, Mother”, probably not the line you will understand, hence let me say it in your language;

Vande Mataram!

A writer-director based out of Mumbai, a Mofilm Cannes Lions 2016 winner, Deepanshu is a film school graduate. He is well-versed with different mediums, including theatre, ad films, brand short films and the feature film hoopla. A trained theater artist who enjoys narrations and working with actors. A hands on writer, who has his views on the Bollywood industry and the biggies, but the child in him surfaces charmingly on travel films. Trained under versatile names, he is known for his energy and enthusiasm among his peers.