Social media is a crazy, fun place to be in. There’s real-time action, news, thoughts, opinions, and almost everything. Millions of souls, millions of thoughts! And when there are various opinions, there are almost equal differences of opinion.

While it’s perfectly healthy & rational for a sane minded person to have a viewpoint different from the rest, what is not is the rate at which people get offended. I mean whatever happened to tolerance?
Oh, sorry! Let me not use the ‘T’ word, lest I offend a bunch of people and trigger yet another controversy.

No, this ain’t what yours truly aims to do with this article. What I want to say is why get offended in the first place in a world where democracy and freedom of expression exists? And even if we want to, let’s get offended at bigger things. [scams, unemployment, poverty, GDP, so many things] and not at which person took what stand or spoke whatever for or against a politician.

The point being, offense – is a dangerous, yet relative term. What may be offensive to you, maybe the best joke I heard in the whole day. There may often be a very thin line of difference between offensive content and content, but a difference nonetheless.

So, while it is important to respect the line and not cross it, it is equally important to not play too much by it and quash everything. But then a very pertinent question arises. Who is it that defines ‘the line’? Certainly, not me. Definitely not you.

So can we all not just take a chill pill, sit back, and relax?

And definitely not judge each other by a tweet or whatever. Because in the world of social media “what I say” and “what I am” may not always be the same thing. For instance, I love my country, but with so much crazy stuff going around, I can definitely take a joke or two on it. One may be a staunch supporter of feminism, yet, find humor in a joke on women. (If all of us start living by so much logic, there won’t be any humor)

So while we’re at it, let’s just keep the social media experience peaceful.

Troll less, talk more.

Argue less, discuss more.

Create more content and less controversy.
That’s all folks

A marketer by profession and a storyteller at heart, Niket lives for three things - Food, friends, and family. When he is not in office making marketing plans and analytical reports, he can be often spotted reading a book, or sometimes even trying to write one. Oh, by the way, he makes amazing desi Chinese.