Shake Depression Off Your Mind And Shoulder

Corners may seem soothing; Loneliness may share its lap with you; Darkness may be your solace but, are you happy? I know this is an archaic statement or advice: “Search for the happiness from within. Don’t go in search of it elsewhere.” Depression is a little dangerous and everyone should watch for it carefully and nip it off even before it is going to be a bud. Here is a poem that elucidates how depression made me feel and how I got out of it.

We all are born creative and free. Let us not forget that we aren’t chained to anything, but our own mental or psychological limitations we draw for ourselves.


I was choking to get myself out of the depressed self.
I sought corners that would comfort me,
While I was centered with a deep despair.
I isolated from the valley of Joy
And held desolation as my alley.

I suffered from within
And was gasping for fresh breath of life.
I later realized that I was drowning into
The ocean of ambiguity that I created
With those smallest drops of
Fear, Anger, Hatred and Dejection.

As a ray of Sunshine hit me,
I gradually progressed to the surface.
I was breathing with so much ease and grace.
I swam through the waves that
Embraced my glorious body
With infinite love and benevolence.
As if, I were the God’s Child.

And I finally hit the shore
With no energy, but abundant memories and agony
That will keep haunting me and
Pushing me to row my lifeboat with
More Confidence and Perseverance.

Pals, remember one thing, to be born human is a gift and we have been valour since our birth. You know how? Among millions of other sperms that competed with us, we are the ones who won the battle. This New year, let us promise to ourselves that come what may, we will fight for the things that we love and get the hell out of the dark-room viz depression. Forget not, darkness will always let you search for the light. Move on and conquer this world with confidence and perseverance. This year is yours. Wishing you all a beautiful New year ahead!

This is Varalakshmi, an ordinary commoner who tries to weave a story with my own experiences. I work as Content Marketing specialist in a startup. Creativity is my cup of tea, coffee, wine and all possible beverages I love. Writing blogs let me talk to myself and other who fall in my wavelength. Cheers.