Self Sabotage: Nothing Good Ever Happens To Me
Self Sabotage is defined as behavior that is counter productive to you accomplishing your goals.
We all do it.
It’s just in our human nature to have a thought process that something has to go wrong .In fact, many of us live by the nothing good ever happens to me motto. Here are some tips to help you prevent the counter productive thinking that leads to daily self-sabotage in life.


Preparation is the number one key to preventing self-sabotage. By not preparing you set yourself up for failure.

Change Your Thinking

Do not allow yourself to sit and dwell on negative thoughts. Practice positive thinking.

Avoid Putting Yourself In A Position To Fail

You can do so by setting realistic goals. For example if you never ran a mile, it would be wise not to sign-up for a marathon.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Success

A lot of times we fail, because we refuse to embrace success or the platform that comes with it.


Demarquis is an internationally exhibited visual artist and a published playwright and songwriter. His goal in life is to inspire people to prevail over there current situation.