Another day, another meme, and lots of laughter!
Yes, we are talking about that one picture which is making rounds on the Indian Twitter today and the Twitterati is on a joy ride! So, a picture of Tehseen Poonawalla and Virendra Sehwag came up on Timeline and Twitter went crazy with their photoshop skills along with some witty captions for the same.

Here are some tweets I picked up from today’s trend…

1) Tharak at it’s peak

2) Kejriwal asking for chanda?

3) Taj Mahal aur woh!

4) Nobody supports congress

5) Not a good day for Tehseen, it seems…

6) After seeing your marksheet

7) After reading Sehwag’s puns

8) When tourists visit India

9) Tehseen giving healthy advise​

10) Ummm… let’s not go there!

These are some of the best Tweets that I found, though there are so many! Btw, do let me know in the comments section below if I missed something. 
Till then, keep tweeting! 😉 

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