I took my backpack, pressed the elevator button and went down… Took few steps towards the parking lot of my apartment and I realized I forgot my helmet. My lazy spirit told me — “Dude that’s ok, you’re only gonna ride for around 2km.” , but I still rushed back home and grabbed my helmet. Riding without helmet or proper gears or not wearing a seat belt is normal for an average Indian. Government and NGOs are doing a commendable work to create awareness about road safety. This is effective because WE are calling out for it!
So, what made me write this post? I witnessed an accident… A lady riding a bike abruptly hit the brakes and bang! She was well protected with helmet and gloves and that saved her from critical injury. This made me think about the cause of that accident, I could see her following traffic rules so it wasn’t really her fault. So was it her bike’s fault? Yes, it was. Her bike didn’t have an ABS ( Anti lock braking system).

We have started bothering about road safety, which is undoubtedly a huge step. But shouldn’t we notice that maybe our vehicle isn’t safe?
We usually ask the vehicle salesman questions like,
“Kitna deti hai” , “Kitne tak me aa jaegi?”, “Kitna BHP aur torque hai?”…
while getting our hands on new wheels.

But have you ever thought of what will happen if you crash just because you didn’t ask a major question? Over 1,37,000 people were killed in road accidents in 2013 alone.That is more than the number of people killed in all our wars put together. It is estimated that there is one death in every 4 minutes due to a road accident. One of the reasons of these accidents are unsafe vehicles. As a prospective buyer, one has to select the variant, base models of which have no safety features. As the variant levels up, the vehicle gets safer. Other countries have made ABS and Airbags mandatory but Indians have the option to skip them. Saving some money by purchasing a low variant makes us so happy that we tend to overlook our safety. Are we that irresponsible? No. We are just unaware of the risk that we face when we compromise with the safety.


Few years ago, I bought a motorcycle without an ABS and I admit I have crashed it multiple times. I intend to and I will upgrade to a better and safer machine very soon but what about you? Why can’t we all?
Neembu mirchi, God’s idols and stickers don’t come equipped with airbags and ABS right!
God may bless you with good riding skills and luck but luck is not the only savior while you’re on the road. It’s a freaking mayhem out there and you could be hit anytime from anywhere.

The Automobile industry is easily ignoring the safety standards because we are not taking them seriously! Not even a single person is asking for it. We need better regulations. Let’s raise our voices and demand for safety standards from the industry. Paying for safety now is definitely better than paying for hospital bills later. A vehicle is nothing but a luxury, a comfort. It shouldn’t take anyone to the hospital bed. At the end of the day, your family expects you to see you at home and not in a hospital! Always think about it before buying a vehicle to make the right decision!

A storyteller and a strategist who spends most of his time playing with his two wheels on a highway. He not just looks at things, but observes and captures them!