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Here’s an excerpt from a bloody conversation between two “cultured” women, W1 and W2:

W1 – (in whispers) Hey! Did you hear about the Pain Leave?

W2 – What leave? And why are you talking in whispers?

W1 – Because it is the “whisper” thing.

W2 – What are you talking about and why does it make you so excited?

W1 – You will also get excited on learning about it.

W2 – Anyway, why didn’t you turn up to the court yesterday?

W1 – It’s the same “whisper” thing.

W2 – Argh! Could you please explain with clarity?

W1 – All right, but let’s find a recess where we can talk about it unreservedly.

W2 – Okay.

After finding a niche in the tennis academy…..

W2 – Here we are. Now tell me.

W1 – Our Company will be providing with a leave to all its female employees on the first day of their periods. Isn’t that awesome!

W2 – That’s absurd! What’s so awesome about it? Why do we need that kind of a leave?

W1 – Aren’t you a woman? Where did all your feminism vanish? Don’t you get cramps and the other unwanted side effects of periods? And the tacky feeling which leaves one moody for the entire day?

W2 – How did feminism come into the picture? Besides, periods are quite a normal phenomenon. You waste 24 hours of a month being moody just because you are menstruating instead of enjoying those precious moments? That’s weird! Also, you don’t need to be ashamed of speaking about it openly. Yeah, I can understand the side effects part of periods. I have been lucky that I have never had an intense pain during those days of the month. Some people experience excruciating pain and other problems too. But I have also observed that it has a lot to do with lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle could work wonders. Moreover, you won’t feel the pain once you are involved in your work. It feels just like any other day. By the way, is this the reason you didn’t come to play yesterday?

W1 – Yes, obviously.

W2 – That’s even more stupid. Do you remember what you said after I took the first set?

W1 – Umm… that you seem to be super-energetic today?

W2 – And do you know why that kind of super-energy suddenly? It is because it’s the first day of my periods.

W1 – Are you serious?

W2 – I know that you won’t believe it. No one does. But I do remain at my energetic best during my periods. And it’s a mood booster. You might be well aware of endorphins.

W1 – Yeah, I am aware of it.

W2 – And how can you forget about the struggle that our mothers went through? Back then, they didn’t have access to sanitary napkins and would be dependent on old clothes instead. Further, I don’t remember a day when my mom would have told me that she won’t cook or wash the utensils and clothes because she was in her periods. She beautifully manages time between office and home even while menstruating.

W1 – But still!

W2 – Okay let us consider this. It is Wimbledon 2018 Ladies’ singles final. Serena Williams is expected to match Margaret Court’s record of winning the highest number of major titles in the history of women’s tennis. But oops! She gets her periods on that fateful Saturday morning. So what will she do? Will she pull out of the match?

W1 – Of course not! She will gulp in painkillers if necessary, wear a tampon under her white skirt and thrash her opponent in straight sets.

W2 – Bang on, girl!

W1 – But wait! Serena isn’t a convincing example.

W2 – Why?

W1 – She is so manly. She cannot be categorized as a woman.

W2 – You are unbelievably hypocritical! Yeah, you are right. Neither am I a woman, nor is she. Only people like you can be called a woman, who first pity themselves, display themselves as inferiors and then go and fight for equality in the name of feminism. To get an equal status, it is important that you consider yourself to be equal to your male counterpart and stop demeaning other women who are trying to break stereotypes. If you don’t believe that you are equal, men won’t either. I don’t need a Pain Leave, but a leave from the pain in my head that you are giving me. You enjoy your pain and let me enjoy my work.

An open letter to the Companies concerned about their female staff:

We don’t require a Pain Leave. Kindly provide us with proper sanitation facilities instead. We would be quite happy with it. After rendering this, if you still feel like doing more for us, please ask your CSR division to provide the rural women with sanitary napkins, who struggle with their periods and also die due to the lack of these essentials. Thank you in advance!

Anushree Vijaya Harshan

A math graduate and a content writer by profession, Anushree likes to write about the beautiful things in life, because that is how she sees life. She does not mind being tagged as a naysayer if it could bring about a positive change in the world. She likes to believe that even negative has two sides to it. Passionate about tennis, she is curious about the magic that life is!