15th August, 1975, on a surprising sunny day in a monsoon prone country, following the slight breeze, and packing food for three days, it left the city with moist eyes yet firm belief. The agenda was single, and the motivation was high. It didn’t question the decision even once, not while paddling across rivers, or while even sharing ‘biddis’ with the strangers.  The decision was tough but it seemed like the only way out currently, also the only aim in life barring playing gully cricket. It may not put bread and butter on the plate but it was feeding the soul, actually not really soul, but ego at least. It finally found it’s calling, the calling was an offense, and it was only laying the foundation of a country which we see today.

“IT” was an opinion.

You see life was hard in 1975, the communication sector was just about getting up, and sharing opinions was a mighty hard thing to do. There were of course some exceptions like our very own IT who left the city to fulfill its destiny, but the time was dark as far as offense was concerned, the only offense sustainable was between politicians of two countries, hence only cross country wars. The states were left alone, so were the cities and towns, did they have no right over offense? Was a common men’s opinion so Jimmy Shergill that everyone was walking over it?

A country which gained Independence almost 28 years ago was still sleeping with its opinions. The common men were so suppressed that he/she could hardly put their nose in other’s business (Not a good time for nose as well).  Humans were compelled to let the other one be and life reached its most aimless point in its existence.

But the future had good things to offer, as predicted by the Ram Lakhan kaka of Suresh Pan shop, the one whose shirt also chews pan and the one who told Billa that iski kundali mein videsh jane ka yog hai (Billa did go to videsh, they call it Nepal). Ram Lakhan kaka said that the future will have different devices to express your opinion, and take gigantic offense. You could sing your opinion, shoot your opinion, even hashtag your opinion right there on the podium in front of the world, and they will embrace it with open arms, will react to it, will show anger, will abuse, will even threaten with rape or kidnapping… It was a beautiful place to be, so rhythmic and poetic, so educated and aware, so busy and useful, and most importantly so so so insecure, it was just admirable!

Last Wednesday the opinion which left in 1975 finally met the opinion of today, and poured the purpose of its existence. Flashback Sequence; the opinion left back then after watching Sholay in a theater, and therefore getting offended by the portrayal of Mehbooba in the Mehbooba song; since his Mehbooba was also named Mehbooba, he thought it was the purpose of his existence to avenge the dignity of Mehbooba, hence Mehboob left Patna with his strong opinion to save Mehbooba.

Meanwhile our present opinion was busy getting offended by the “Wed” in Wednesday since it thought it was an inter caste love marriage wala “Wed”.
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A writer-director based out of Mumbai, a Mofilm Cannes Lions 2016 winner, Deepanshu is a film school graduate. He is well-versed with different mediums, including theatre, ad films, brand short films and the feature film hoopla. A trained theater artist who enjoys narrations and working with actors. A hands on writer, who has his views on the Bollywood industry and the biggies, but the child in him surfaces charmingly on travel films. Trained under versatile names, he is known for his energy and enthusiasm among his peers.