Everybody has a passion for fashion and considering the cash-crunch, it is the season to refresh your wardrobe by revisiting your old expensive clothes to look trendy and stylish. After all, who does not dress to impress and while you understand how old is gold, it becomes all the more easy and less time-consuming to revamp your old wardrobe.

1. Let’s just cut it short

Styling is all about adding accessories to your outfit to make you trendy. You can decorate and reuse your old dress or gown with beads or garlands. Also, an evening gown can be cut short to make it a cocktail dress or the sleeves can go from full length to three-fourth and further to sleeveless. Add a neck-piece or choker to your dress to be stylish.

2. Add accessories and layers

Plain basic tees and essentials like denims can never go out of fashion. Play with the basics and accessorise to re-use them. Layer up your basic tees with fancy shrugs or denim jackets. Make your denim jacket look trendy by adding badges to it. Sometimes you can keep the jacket open or else just button it up for a different look.

3. Monochrome is so conventional

Revamp your old classy suit by wearing it with a different colour bright shirt like pink or maroon instead of the conventional colours like grey or white. Add a pocket square of the same colour as of the shirt. A different scarf or tie can also be used to change the look.

4. Play with colours

You can wear the same shirt with different colour denims to give it a different look each time you wear it. Like a plain white shirt can be worn with red or pink pants. You can also wear white instead of the routine black or blue colours and look sporty.

So, it’s time to set the stage on fire with some good looks and not to forget, it’s without investing more money in it.