With people heading for a better and luxurious life, the simple and low key things are going kinda out of trend. While we all look for bigger houses, posh SUVs, our way of living has changed for sure, but while travelling, there are still some of us who wish to explore and enjoy more but on a lesser budget.

Did you know that Mumbai is now home to India’s first ever pod hotel, which is funky, has all the high class facilities and is CHEAP! Pod hotels are the new generation of budget hotels, and Urbanpod has launched this pod hotel in Andheri East which has 140 pods in total. And, that’s not all, each of these pods include a bed, AC, a personal locker, TV, mood lighting (crazy, isn’t it?) and free WiFi too!

Here you also get to choose from the various kinds of pods — from private to classic pods; you can also get exclusive set of pods just for women, suite pods for those traveling in pairs.

Bathrooms are shared and the hotel has a cafeteria, you can also order meals in your room!

Excited much?? Head to their website and book now!