IBW (India Bike Week) is like a paradise for bike riders, and every rider knows about it. February 2017 was something special for me, because instead of IBW, IHR was happening and this was an opportunity to meet somewhere around 2000 Harley owners, which in itself was very exciting! Just thinking of it, gives me goosebumbs, and in fact, is equally interesting for everyone who is a part of it, as it gives that feeling of brotherhood.

We began from Jaipur, and the first halt was at Vadodara and I had to cover approximately 750 kms in a day, which isn’t that easy but the weather made it pretty smooth. I began at 5 in the morning and the weather was so cold that my fingers were almost freezing! And, trust me, the experience was spectacular!

One can truly enjoy the roads of Rajasthan as well as Gujarat while on a bike. The only hurdle is the stray animals, apart from that these highways roads are perfect to cruise. The smooth turns and curves of Shamlaji Highway can make any rider fall in love with them.
I reached Vadodara pretty late n the evening and was quite tired by then, but the city is pretty well established and has everything in itself. Vadodara which is the cultural captial of Gujarat is like a smaller version of Ahmedabad.

While in Vadodara, one must visit Laxmi Vilas Palace at least once, as the palace is an amalgamation ofIndian and European architecture a massive well build palace which into the heart of the city.One must not miss the food specialities of the state such as fafda and dhokla.

I am sure there is a lot more to explore in the city, but due to less time, this was all I could do during this trip to Vadodara. But, personally I liked the city because it is very calm and peaceful. A road lover should not miss the newly-constructed Ahmedabad – Vadodara highway, as it can be a heaven for a biker.

Until next time!
Ride free and ride safe.

A guy in his twenties who is living life one moment at a time. He is crazy about bikes and the power of the two wheels makes him go insane. Mrigank is a Chapter and Marketing Manager at Dunes Harley Davidson, who loves to explore places.