This time, it is Mumbai to Pune! But I preferred to travel by bus in place of bike due to heavy rains and unpredictable roads of Mumbai. Thanks to Shivneri bus service for providing the best buses at an affordable price. The cost is mere 450 bucks and you get cozy, comfy a.c. Volvo Royal Cruiser to sit back, listen to your favorite playlist and enjoy the trip. You can board the bus at Dadar Bus Station.

The route has smooth roads, obviously! The Mumbai-Pune expressway is awesome. On the way, you will come across 4 tunnels, beautiful mountains adorned with waterfalls while moving towards Pune.

So I decided to take you to this trip and have covered the journey of 4 hours in just 5 minutes! Go ahead and watch the mesmerizing video and I promise that these 5 minutes will be worth investing.

Will be back with another travel guide to Tamhini Ghat and Rajgad Fort soon!


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