The Mismatched List

God gave us infinite resources and feelings which we do not use properly or God gave us things which are mismatched. Do we need to match them properly or that God enjoys seeing us troubled. I have lots and lots of mismatched list which I want to get matched correctly.

Want to know the end and starting point of Infinity,
And if God lies somewhere in Between,
Searching him, surely will reach his Vicinity,
Will ask him if has he ever Seen..

The most fertile soil of Pain and Sorrow,
The impotent land of Happiness..

Flood of Darkness,
Drought of brightness..

Momentary Joy,
Prolonged Sadness..

Spring of Hatred,
Autumn of Love..

Materialistic Richness,
Spiritual Poorness..

Adulterated Purity of friendship,
Pure Adulteration of Enmity..

Vanishing Humanity,
Emerging Inhumanity..

Demolishing Desires,
Constructing Apathy..

Mountains of Expectations,
Valleys of Fulfilment..

Gained Losses,
Lost Gains.

Lies of Realities,
Truth of Fantasies..

The dying Life.
The lively Death..

And If God does not exist,
Why such suffocating problems Persist..

And If Gods Exist,

Humanist but not human... yes, huwoman.. daydreamer, lusty on intelligence, sapiosexual, desired brat for people under my cucoon.. rest .. movie is still on.