Modern era has its own meaning of love and compassion. Life has become steadfast to unveil the meaning of true love, attachment, respect and care.
Against all odds Neeta meets a guy, named Arpit in the crowd of 1.3 billion population. She tries to explain every bit of a second spent with him, waiting for him, loving him and wanting him (Desiring him completely). Consider the following excerpts from her diary.

…Sitting on my tattered old wooden chair by the side of the corridor, one fine morning, as I went leafing through my recently bought magazine, a date caught my eyes- 19th May.

Like the ripples on the silent lake, this date resonated down my spine.
“He would come tomorrow”,
I thought and like a freshly blossomed rose, blood crept in my cheeks, flushing me even more..

…The day swept by preparing my body and soul for his arrival. Everything was in order. The room where he would stay, the plan to be undertaken once he comes, everything! But my motor skills were destined to surrender that day perhaps!!

…Early morning, I woke up. It was 4 AM, one and a half hours for him to reach.
“Sleep a little more pretty lady. You need to look fresh, it’s been only four hours since you closed your eyes”
my subconscious pleaded. And I drifted back to sleep …

…Waking up with a jolt, I checked my phone- 6:25 AM. Holy crap!! 6 missed calls!! Even better… He’s gonna kill me now.
Fidgeting, I quickly rang him.
“Woke up, eh?”
his voice mirrored my subconscious.
Damn me!!
“Err, I am sorry”
I replied meekly.
He seemed withdrawn.
“But where are you? Did you reach your room? Are you alright?”
I suddenly got my balance back and inquired details.
“Relax my love!! I am safe, just reached”.
And for the first time in 48 hours, my heart beated a steady beat.
“See me then now!”
I demanded. My soul needed to check if it’s other half is fine. And so, he complied.

I splashed water on my face, ran down the stairs all the way adjusting my dress, and unruly hair. And there he was,walking calmly down the lane.

…Committing that moment studying his profile, I noticed every single inch of his look could give a top rated model go begging for a bread. He looked as if he’d just walked out of a high end magazine. Colossal eyes, shapely nose, sculptured face and that enigmatic smile playing on his curved lips.

…And so, the day and a story began of a meek, mousy little girl and his Adonis!!

A software engineer by profession and a theatre artist. Jaya works for an IT firm (Mindtree PVT LTD ) in Pune. She is optimistic loves exploring new places and social butterfly. A party animal by choice is keen supporter of Indian culture, loves to write, share views on burning issues as well.