Kung fu Panda

To make something special, you just have to believe it is special!

Po’s dad tells him towards the end of his adventures, in the famous Kung Fu Panda film. While he says this in an effort to console his rather unhappy son, little are they aware that he has already achieved something ‘special’!

Life is also like that. Concentrate your efforts, take sincere steps and push with all your might…before long you will see that you have achieved something special! Something which many people thought you would never be able to achieve, something which may even surprise you! And that’s how most milestones in life are achieved.

When I looked back into my more-or-less mundane life, I too found something special! When I started with my first blog, few years ago, it was like taking out an old dream from a dusty old case where it had lay confined and forgotten for many years. Something inside me was pushing itself as if to exert that ‘college-day’ enthusiasm back in the veins and dish out articles for magazines and newspapers! But those days were long gone and a more mature calm had replaced it, when it came to my most favourite hobby which I had thought of turning into a profession someday. I felt that I had not given this forgotten dream its due: to make it special!

Blogs spun out of my words as the fingers typed along on the keyboard for the next few months! Thanks to social networking, they even reached a handful of readers who patiently read, commented, criticized and also encouraged. A different kind of joy started filling my heart to see the blogs being read, spread and shared. I was very humbly aware, as I am to this day, that there are many who write better than what I can manage, quite a few who have achieved that peak of success in this area, but again, I was sure that I am not in a race. I am here to make my hobby ‘special’! Hurdles came along the way: readership fell, writers’ block intervened, enthusiasm sapped, time crunch took its share, but somewhere despite being in hibernation for months together, the spark someway stayed alive! And then it happened! A story which was coming out on the blog made itself into a book. It came as a surprise to many who knew me, and going from blog to book was indeed making my hobby special.

Kung fu pand secret

Po and his dad, in the film, are the “noodle folk” as they call themselves, dishing out delicious noodles and soup to their customers. And their ‘best selling’ Special item on the menu is the ‘Secret Ingredient Soup’! Customers and competitors alike wish to know and grab that secret ingredient which makes the soup so special. But as Po’s dad tells us at the end of the film, “the Secret Ingredient is… Nothing!”

Every special thing seems to have a ‘secret ingredient’, but more often than not, it is ‘nothing’; just that you have to believe that you are making something special. And it is this feeling which is contagious and can happily catch on as you spread the feeling of ‘special’! 

So, as you commence yet another new day or pursue a new dream in your mind, think and allow yourself to make it ‘special’! Kids’ movies often show a learning or two for adults too, eh?!

Born in Calcutta and a Post-graduate in English Literature, his career spans twenty years, initially in banking and financial services and presently in the FinTech industry. Having interacted extensively with people from various walks of life, He loves to meet and know people; fascinated by life’s experiences and draws inspiration from them.