A ‘DAY’ to celebrate, has some purpose. To spread awareness, to teach importance of something valuable, to spread love. The day is “World Heart Day”.

Take a pause, it’s nowhere related to Valentine’s day!

It’s actually for those who love their own heart rather loving others heart.

World Heart Day!
I have something to say.
It is celebrated on 29th September,
For all of us to remember,
Heart is an important member.
A day started by World Heart Federation,
To awaken all the nation,
To decrease premature cremation,
World should come up with its cessation.
In year 2000, it was founded,
With diseases don’t let it go compounded,
Try it shouldn’t get wounded.
Don’t encourage diseases to get expanded.
Reduce all alcohol branded.
Control tobacco intake,
For a healthy heart’s sake,
Obesity may give us heart-quake,
Blood pressure will surely give severe ache.
Eat healthy and sleep well,
Being alive don’t see the hell,
Never let your heart knell,
Stay happy and take care,
Take it positively and do dare.
Love your lub dub.

No more a human, just a HUWOMAN. Ex-servant of private sector. Sapiosexual