“My Loved one inhaled my Life” is about—how people fall in love with someone, giving up everything and losing every worth of own to make that someone happy. Even when the other ones never love them back, how recognizing the nights of wild love with that one person makes you ache at nights, but the other person never actually saw your love because “lights aren’t one, and your throat only moaned but never expressed the crying voice—the pain—the constant pain coming from the thought that you’re only for some nights and not his/her forever.” So, here I am rearranging the love… taking best words out of the worst and seeing all the flaws that were never mine but the other person’s only.

I am rearranging the love
Love no more served
The days are gone and so are the nights
The Sighs and the sunrise
The followed one doesn’t matter
The nights were somehow better
No eyes cried in the vein of mine
No truth tasted in the vein of wine
The best parts—lights aren’t on
And the throats still coming with the moan
Road of love is broken and quiet
Or it was only the curse of my sight
Akin to ugly assembling of words
Or the butterflies were never heard
I am rearranging the love
Because somehow it burned my soul
Grateful… you won’t return no more
I am not afraid how love stayed obscured.


I am in love with writing... A girl whose morning starts with exploring how people puke out their different emotions and ends up with digging deep into the words. I write because "via writing words may fade but never left unsaid."