LOVE –  A four letter word. Such a small word but so many different meanings for different people!

Has any of you ever wondered how this small word could be so important for us and that it can bring massive changes in our lives?

How do you define love? What makes you truly happy?

Let me just put some guesses.

For some of you, love could be the “jumping of  your heart” when you look at someone you like, a crush maybe? When you go to school or college and you’ve waited the whole day just for the one sight of that person and just when you give up, you see them walking down the hall and all of your sadness goes away in a flash! Just one sight of the person is enough to make you smile like an idiot for the rest of the day! :’)

For some of you, true joy and love might lie in the fact, when you go home after a very hectic day at work, but when you see your family being so happy that you’re home makes you feel like that all of the hectic schedules at work are so worth it. 🙂

For the foodie buds, a plateful of your favourite food could be your definition of true joy and love.

While some may be in love with the thought that you are able to travel to your favourite destinations in the world and nothing can hold you back!

Some of you might find your joy in the lavish birthday or anniversary presents while some are happy with just being able to spend the day with their loved ones and maybe when someone hugs you a little longer without you asking them for it. ^_^

Your mother’s gentle touch when youre feeling down and sleeping in her lap could be absolute love and joy for some of you.

As for some other person might feel the love and happiness​ when they go home after a very disappointing and sad day at school/college/work, but the moment you step in, you are tackled down by your very excited and huge dog who is very happy to see you and doesn’t care if you had a bad day, they just want to play with you.

As for me, because im a Virat Kohli fanatic, what gives me immense joy is when I know that he is happy. Other than that, a box of pizza is also true love for me 😍but most importantly when I know that my parents are happy because of me. When I know that I can make my best friends laugh even thou being miles away, makes me happy.

What I want to say is that we all have our own heart that flutters at different sights.  Isnt it just so amazing that we all have something or  someone that makes us forget about our worries? If you don’t, maybe you haven’t found it yet. Take a closer look into your life and people around you and you might just find it. So why judge anyone based on their perspectives of joy and love? We should rather be grateful for the one person or thing! 🙂

Thank you! 😇

#PeaceOut 😀

Just another girl who likes to write. These words are my way of expressing my thoughts!