Our country has seen a visible growth in every field. With the fastest growing economy, India has Nuclear weapons, has made space records, and is also making new records in sports. It is now a global market and a lot of political hustle has also been witnessed recently. Unexpected things are happening. And, it sounds really great to see the nation growing at this pace. In fact, places which had no electricity are also getting lit now!

With all these progressive steps, employment has also been increasing which means a larger number of people, now have jobs. Beti Bachao program has also spread like a boom; even Haryana’s sex ratio is increasing! But, don’t you think we are still missing out on something? Something which we see and experience every single day and so often that it is normal for all of us now, something which is not allowing women to work even after having so many facilities? Yes, we are talking about molestation and harassment. A woman steps out every day in morning in order to work, but what happens instead? How good do you think is our workplace environment and how safe are the streets?

Almost a week back we all read about the TVF controversy, where many other women came out in the open and shared their stories too. And, it was this ‘anonymous girl’ who encouraged these women somehow, that every other girl got the balls to share what they went through. Where were they earlier? Why couldn’t they complain before this incident happened? And, unfortunately, the reason is you, me and the society. Because it is the society and people like us, who don’t let such voices come out in the open! In fact, even when this issue came up, many were pointing out on the girl, that she might be doing  it because of some personal reasons, to affect his image, because he is famous!

This tweet too, is on point and shows the reality

It’s unbelievable right? But yes it is the bitter truth

This happened in a jail, where the hell was the security? Think about the blind spots of our society.

Just a few days back, a Malayalam actress Bhavana got kidnapped and molested in her own car and by her own driver. Now the point is, where is the safety? Public transport? You know what happens there too, right?

Protests, laws, punishment wouldn’t change this, revolution will. Blaming others will not make this better, bringing the change in yourself will do.

Safety is something every human being deserves, they shouldn’t need to ask for it.


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