Every year people come up with new ways to lose weight and stay fit. While you must have done a good amount of cardio and other workouts, it is now time to switch to water-based exercises. While some might enjoy twirling in the water like a water baby, others will do aerobics like a pro!

Tremendous inch loss

In metro cities, people are switching to water-based workouts, such as water ballet, swimming and many other forms, and not just the youth but even women and kids are very much into these workouts. The participants say that they lose weight pretty fast with this kind of workout, and even experience tremendous inch loss. Even fitness trainers swear by it, and say that water-based workouts are one of the best especially in summers.

Tone your body

Water-based workouts are not just effective, but people enjoy doing it. In fact, water-based workouts are a easy and effective way of toning one’s body. The water-based workouts work wonders on the loose flesh on our bodies and is a perfect way to burn that extra fat from your body.

Rejuvenating in summers


The water-based workouts are a fresh and rejuvenating experience for the summers, as one also gets to enjoy pool in the scorching summer heat. The participants usuallu end up developing a lust for water. The workout is even pretty helpful for muscle strengthening. People should never get away from experimenting different kinds of workouts, because one usually ends up feeling monotonous after doing floor and gym workouts all over the year!

Exercising under water – a great alternative

Deep water running and aerobics open up a new opportunity for people of all ages, and varying levels of fitness, the forgiving water environment is effective and enjoyable too. If you hate the idea of jumping around a room full of people in tight gym clothes, exercising under water is a great alternative. Some of the benefits of water exercise include increased muscle strength, posture and balance; and also helps in enhancing the sense of well-being, mood and sleep quality. It also helps in improving body endurance and fitness.

If you have ever done any kind of water-based workouts, leave your comments and experience below!