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I am talking about our lives like how our life changed and how it is changing. Who is changing all these and making us wiser day by day? I am not talking about God!!!!

Death is inevitable. It is certain too. We can’t change the past and we can’t live in future. Time travels only forward. So there is no point in seeing back, except for reference. We regret things, but we can’t change them.

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Now put all the reality in another tab,and open New tab in incognito mode of dreaming. Let’s suppose think that you are walking through the fog between beautiful mahogany trees, and suddenly you lost the way. And To the surprise you enter into different world. But you were outside of your own home!!! But how?? That’s none of your business,we are dreaming and we can dream anything. And you went into your house,and found the newborn baby. Surprisingly it was you. You slipped into the past to the moment where you were born. You are watching the happiness in your young parents ,and their love. NOW THE FIRST QUESTION..IF YOUR PARENTS ARE ABLE TO SEE YOU..WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY TO THEM?? They anyway don’t know that you are from Future ( imagining we are in the twenties and thirty). Just think. Do you just sit and observe your young parents love towards each other and you?? Or you will talk to them about how this baby gonna trouble them or make them proud??or tell them about economic problems they gonna face or people who gonna cheat them??

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And suddenly in a flash, you are teleported to the moment where you were just 11 years old. You are standing in front of your own self now, and you are seeing your past, and he is seeing your future.what do you want to discuss?? Will you tell yourself the value of friendship or value of education or value of marks?? What do you want to really tell your own self from your heart ?? Or just explain some mathematics to 11 years old you. Or just gift the video game from Future and surprise yourself??

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Then within a flash, you remembered the moment where you are just 19 years. The teenage version of you. Teenagers think they know Everything. Even you thought yourself at the age. Why do you want to tell yourself, when you meet your 19 years old yourself. Do you want to tell him about the mistakes you are gonna do in future? Do you want to say about the value of true love and what infatuation is? Will you say How not to hurt your parents with words of your temper?? Will you say how future is gonna be?? OR just chit chat with yourself or play cricket or watch a movie with your own self?? Or you want to apologize for the girl or boy who loved you the most but you treated them as a douchebag?

In everyone’s age ,In everyone’s life..we want to change something or we think of someone who would have told about our behavior or decisions we took and made in the past. Why to go to past..even now we do the same. Suddenly if you are teleported to future of year 2027,how do you gonna see yourself..?? Well you can’t say anything to your own future self because you don’t know what had happened in this ten years life. You can’t be a teacher or advisor to someone without any experience or hurdles in life. And past teaches us that. why to regret then when you learn valuable lessons,sometimes those are even helpful for fellow humans. Why not tell your experiences to young generation and make them wiser for better society. Teach them How the mindsets changed, changing. Change is constant. But we want positive change. Not the change of losing empathy,becoming selfish,disrespecting others etc. Tell young kids how lives matter ,how love matter,how girls life and their freedom matter. Tell them about equality,charity,humanity. Only you can tell them all with your past. Past is like a school. we played, we enjoyed, we slept, we made mistakes, we won, we lost, we cried…but at least we learned.

Sapiosexual. Addicted to the imagination. Maybe destiny of the word DESTINY is to convey the meaning of DESTINY.