A woman has to struggle throughout her life to survive in this male-dominant society. From the moment her heart starts beating in her mother’s womb, to the last day of her life; it’s a constant battle that she has to fight. Though the times are changing and now we have so many women of among the top entrepreneurs or working women like Chanda Kochhar, there are girls who are still not privileged enough.

In the womb

A girl starts fighting even before she comes into the world. Despite banning the tests for predicting the sex of the child, many influential people still do it and till date many girls die even before they are born.

Struggle for education

Thoughts like ‘beti ko padha ke kya hoga’ are still prevalent in many rural areas of the society. Though the new schemes like beti bachao, beti padhao have had a major influence on the thinking of the people, there are certain people who have the same old ideologies.

Coming to getting married

The minute a girl turns 21, instead of wishing her happy birthday, people start questioning about marriage. Why don’t they understand that if a girl doesn’t want to get married, she can be allowed to pursue her dreams and visions. Marriage will happen but career should be her priority.

Not letting her wear what she wants

Men! It’s high time that you realise that a girl can wear whatever she wants to. You are nobody to judge the girl and what she wears. Let her feel comfortable in the way she is dressed up.