Mega, Giga, Tera, Peta…Yes, we can store it all now!!

Whoa, we can store so much data, as much data, all such data that we can produce.  We can capture all the stray data that was being lost for centuries and was being wasted. Such a huge feat for humanity, very soon, no information will ever be lost.

Look at my own life. I can save so much on my phone now.  I have it all in my phone. Pictures from 10 years ago, videos from mom’s birthday 5 years ago and all the Whatsapp images, have them all. I can look at them anytime. I know I can. I never really look at them, but I know one day I will find the time and do it. I have to clean them up too. Because there many in same dress and pose, I don’t need all of them. I will delete some and keep the best ones. Someday I will dig them out and look at them. Not today as I am busy. Today I am busy. I am capturing new pictures. 15 selfies that I took from the new café, 29 pictures in the new dress in all possible poses and then of course pictures of what I cooked this evening. Tonight I have to pick the best ones for Insta, track the comments and all that. Today I don’t have the time to sift through the old ones.

It’s not that I never tried going back to my old pictures. They are precious. I tried. My phone told me ‘it’s in the cloud’. Oh, that’s cool, the cloud is cool. They are safe. Downloading will take time. Will do it some other day.

photos on mobile girl instagram

Capturing the memories of today is more important. On this day of my life will be obliterated from history. It’s painful. When I will come back, there will be no record of what happened today. I will not remember how good I looked today and what a good time I had. I will lose a good and happy memory. The thought is scary, it’s a missed opportunity. Makes me feel so insecure! Makes me feel incapable of using the resources I have – Time and Data.

Incapable!!! that’s not me.  All my beauty, capability and happiness shall be captured. So one day when I want to remember my life in past, I will see how happy I was and I will be so happy looking back.

Ah, so now I know why I don’t see any pictures of me looking ugly or unhappy. Ugly ones I deleted, unhappy I never clicked. Some ugly ones do exist on my friend’s phone, as she was looking better in them. I cringe when I look at those. Hope she deletes them.

So see, data is so valuable. It helps me file the good times in my life. When I am unhappy, old, grey and when I am not clicking some new pictures – I will come back to these pictures and these memories will make me smile.  I think that day will come. 


I hope the cloud doesn’t get burst by then with all data by then. I hope I remember all my passwords till then. I am sure the tech guys will think of ways around it so I don’t lose all this data because I lost my password or mobile.  Nah, they are smart. They will think of a way. Worst case, I still have the pictures on Insta. They are the best ones anyways. I can live with just them.

Spent more than 15 years in IT in a role that helped me sift through facts and fiction in IT. I enjoy demystifying carefully constructed myths in this industry.