How many of you got scared to fell in Love again after Break Up?

Have you ever gone through pain of Break up?
How many of you know the taste of that Pain?
How many of you got scared to fell in love again after Break up?
Are you hinding the heart that once flew on the roof of Galaxy?

It’s dedicated to people,who can relate to above questions.


It’s hidden under layers of pain,
And Beneath the surface of distress.

Wearing clothes of darkness,bathing in its own tears,it’s hidden.

Chatting with loneliness,smelling it’s own aroma of love wounds,
It’s hidden.

Crawling in desert of void,towards its sunset of death,it’s hidden.

Breathing it’s own volatile blood,
Eating it’s own solace ,it’s hidden.

Only love can give the hope and rope to heart,And drag it back to light of joy.