hidden heart break up
Image Source: qrius.com

This poem is about the break-up and emotions you go through it. The hurt, the pain, the anxiety and how it will drastically change your mind. If you know what I mean you guys can connect through this.

It’s hidden under layers of pain,

And Beneath the surface of distress.

Wearing clothes of darkness, bathing in its own tears, it’s hidden.

Chatting with loneliness, smelling its own aroma of love wounds,

It’s hidden.

Crawling in the desert of a void, towards its sunset of death, it’s hidden.

Breathing its own volatile blood,

Eating its own solace, it’s hidden.

Only love can give the hope and rope to heart, And drag it back to the light of joy.

But isn’t it the love that caged the heart in an abyss of emptiness, how can heart trust the love again???

Sapiosexual. Addicted to the imagination. Maybe destiny of the word DESTINY is to convey the meaning of DESTINY.