A flashback for me, as I gone through my collection of creations, basically words, I found this. A bit emotional moment for me, as I created this one for someone close to me. She was going through some ungodly phase and needed someone to hold her, pull her back, though she didn’t asked for it. Luckily, for her, I was there. I did things for which I store a valiant pride. But, for now, just gonna share a poetry, which is one of those things I did for her, and am good to share as she is at happy place now with someone she deserved. I don’t think this requires much of a description, especially for the girls who have been through such trauma..

Just some suggestions, through this verse..

Hey girl, did you find something yet, in the things that you do?
Imagining life hard as shit, and to forget what you have gone through….
Be the one, who stands tall, against every moving wall,
People who point finger at you, show them middle finger and roll your eye ball!
Be like the minions, those yellow creatures ain’t gonna care about this damn world.
If they want something, they will get it, they know people just gonna sculd.
I know you have got something inside you, something that’s so deep, so vast.
But it’s now time that you open the doors and let those things out, very quick, very fast.
Whatever leaves the chamber, shouldn’t be allowed to get back inside.
Allow no one to make that impact, stop them, your arms should be that strong, that wide.

How to describe myself? I mean, a person who knows himself for example, doesn't need complements in life. But, seriously I need complements. I can just tell about few things I do, and like to do, that are : Reading, creating things, grasping information, and usuals. And I'm a designer evolved from an engineer.