While entire world is celebrating International Women’s day, internet decided to make it better by sharing witty quotes and facts with us. Also, Twitter has never disappointed us, be it a cricket match or a man playing computer game on a footpath…. Okay, I wouldn’t go into the details of footpath much :D.
Today, while some people on the internet are going crazy over explaining the term ‘feminism’, some of the Twitterati decided to post tweets which are right on point!

#1 Kyunki paisa paisa ….

#2 Women who made entire nation proud


#3 Shirish will reply to him after preparing today’s lunch

#4 The inspiring women

#5 Dear men, shots fired!

#6 Someone had to say this 😛

#7 And this one’s a beautiful tweet

#8 And, a perfect tweet for this perfect day!



Wait.. We’re not done yet, along with #Womensday , Indian Twitter saw another trending hashtag — #Lieswomentell!

#9 On point

#10 And later… this nice person gets friendzoned!

#11 Finally someone said this

#12 We all know the truth, right?

#13 Aren’t we all a victim of this!

#14 And of course you DON’T have to believe her when she says this!

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