Holi, the festival of colors, is what awaits us as it’s the day of splish splash and getting lost in the colored water pools. As vibrant as the colors, are the questions that people ask on Quora. From the most innocent and genuine to the weirdest queries of all time, people want answers for everything on Quora. And while, we wonder whether to laugh at it or be concerned about the genuine doubts, people continue to amuse us! Here are few doubts that people posted on Quora.

1. The colour and cracker war

2. Oops, are you sure you meant biological? Because, we have answer to the mythological significance!

3. Yes, Twitter allows you to do anything and everything

4. Oh, we are so filmy and desi that we adapt dialogues  easily

5. Uff, mere creep se creepy koi creep nahi!