“Amma” is the source of unconditional love and eternal happiness. She cannot bear the sight of her children working hard and persevering. She spoon-feeds them. She makes sure that everything (read “Freebies”) is provided to them without a single effort from their side. In the pursuit of her affection, she has created a generation of lazy kids out of the most brilliant set of people.

Our love for laziness is deep-rooted and quite innate to us. From childhood itself, we are given lessons on ‘How to throw a tantrum?’ in order to attract attention and to obtain the desired thing. Next would be the humongous task of passing with flying colors in the examinations. No worries! Innovative cheating techniques are readily available in the market. And if caught, we have our lifelong lawyers to back us. “At least I am far better than the corrupt officials”, reiterates our conscience. It is high time we realize that we can achieve anything just by doing nothing, literally nothing; just channelize our lazy brains in the direction called shortcut. This pathway leads us to different milestones which tell us ways to score without studying, generate easy money, buttering up our bosses to gain promotions and the road is endless. And the anecdote of laziness continues.

Dumb were the farmers who paid their loans, dumber were those who took their own lives. They just had to wait for the UP elections to finish off. And the dumbest are those people who donate their money to us and make us lazier through a scheme called tax. And this gives us yet another reason to adapt to our lazy ways. It is surprising how people die due to malnutrition. They should have learned some techniques of sustenance from us. As you know, we are experts in giving tips to everyone. We give free advice to the sweepers on how to keep streets clean, to our fellow drivers on how to drive, to our netas on how to work, to our cricketers on how to bat and the list goes on. We have clients from various spheres of life. And now there has been a major breakthrough in our assistance with the popularity of various social media platforms. We can now render our services online with our likes, shares, lewd comments, trolls, etc. The best part is that we trend higher than all those stupid, good people trying to bring about a real change in the world.

So now we are busier than ever. We need to moralize so many people. And more than anything else surpass everyone in the Gross Domestic Laziness (GDL) index.

Anushree Vijaya Harshan

A math graduate and a content writer by profession, Anushree likes to write about the beautiful things in life, because that is how she sees life. She does not mind being tagged as a naysayer if it could bring about a positive change in the world. She likes to believe that even negative has two sides to it. Passionate about tennis, she is curious about the magic that life is!