We all know how difficult it is in today’s time to find a life partner. People these days have become quite selective and thoughtful about it. Inclov, which is world’s first matchmaking app focusing on people with a disability and health disorders to find love, is organizing an offline meetup in Delhi on Sunday (25th June). This meetup will be held under their initiative Social Spaces at India’s first night club Kitty Su, which is open for anyone to attend, where the users can come and meet each other in person.

People with disability usually have restricted social lives due to inaccessible transports, roadways and public places. To bring about this systemic change and create inclusive environment for people with disability, Inclov launched Social Spaces which has proven to be a huge success. Through Social Spaces, they have had 20 meetups across India so far, impacting 10,000+ people.

Also for the first time ever, they will have a wheelchair bound DJ playing at the club at Social Spaces.

You wouldn’t have guessed that, through Inclov, a couple even got married in May 2016, apart from that, they had another match in Delhi with the couple facing Polio. The app users have been continuously increasing, and it has come up as a boon for people who have some physical disabilities.