Fashion to me is a perspective towards life. Some days are bright, some days are sober (No, I wouldn’t use dull because nothing is dull in the fashion world). I see it as a way of interaction and exchanging my thoughts with people.
I’ll tell you what. If someone comes up to me and says that he/she isn’t stylish or doesn’t know anything about fashion, I’ll refuse to believe her/him. Even a simple kurti is fashionable when worn with the right coloured bottoms and paired with complementing accessories, because its all about styling. However, it is essential to keep certain things in mind while styling yourself or others.

  • Colours

Don’t go with a specific colour just because it is in trend. There may be colours that you don’t like but might suit you better.

  • Invest in Staples

Coats, blazers, heels etc. These are the pieces that don’t fall into the trends of season, but will instead last forever. It’s better to spend some more on one item rather than re-buying it multiple times due to poor quality.

  • Alter your clothing

A silhouette looks flattering when it fits perfectly well on your body. Shell some extra penny on a good tailor for the outfit to look attractive on you.

  • Invest in some good shoes

However painful are the heels, they can surely change the whole look. Also, investing in a nude pair of heels is always a good idea.

  • Little black dress

For those days when you can’t find anything suitable to wear to a party, go for a little black dress, style it with a shirt or a waist belt to give it a refreshing look.

  • Bold & bright accessories

If you’ve got a closet full of neutrals – navy blue, black,camel etc, add energy with boldly hued shoes and bags. This really elevates your look.

  • Sling for evening

A dressy sling lends you a cool edge to evening wear.

  • Lingerie

It is highly important to wear the correct undergarments that will give you confidence and shape!

  • Mix your prints

You can mix a large scale print with a smaller one or can wear two prints of the same color.

  • Layer-up

This is my personal styling secret and I always swear by it. Turn a comfy but simple outfit into chic by adding a edgy jacket or a shrug and a scarf!

Oh last but not the least, always check out the rear view and don’t leave the house until you like what you see. Every angle matters. Trust me! Girls never shy away from flaunting what you have. Be it your smile, your curves or your thoughts! Be fearless, be fashionable!

Priyanshi Agarwal

A CA by qualification and a designer by passion, who owns the clothing brand, CYU Cloth Yourself Urbane, an extensively western and casual wear clothing brand which resonates simplicity but with a class. She love simplicity but with a class which reflects in her designs also. A girl who loves to dance, sketch and write at times.