Which genre, you ask?
The Linklater Genre.
Richard Linklater is a Hollywood director known for his experimental films. His films are real, naturally humanist and often show the effect of the passage of time. If you’re bored of the cliché genres of cinema, Linklater’s unconventional movies are for you!
Here are a few Linklater movies that you just shouldn’t miss:


Linklater’s smartest brainchild, The Before Trilogy, starts with the first part called Before Sunrise. It is about the chance meeting of two strangers on a train, who get off and spend a night on the streets of Vienna, just…talking! Yes, they just talk. They have random and scattered conversations about love, life, sex, travel, poetry, death and everything in between. The setting of the movie is as beautiful as the thought behind it.

Isn’t that the dream?!

The trilogy captures the extraordinarily intimate collaboration of the two main leads, their disillusioned middle age and the struggle to define love and life. The actors’ age on-screen with the characters as the movie was shot over a period of almost two decades.

The movie will give you major life and relationship goals.


This film explores a single day in the life of a group of high schoolers in the ‘70s. It was an experimental movie, devoid of the drama that High School movies usually are. It was a box-office flop and wasn’t appreciated in its time but later went on to have lasting financial legs. The cast included many actors that go on to become stars like Ben Affleck.

Apparently, Linklater was sued by many of his classmates for using their names and character traits in the film. And gossip has it that most of the actors were stoned for a few scenes in the movie, especially the scene at the very end. Clearly, Linklater liked things real!


You might have heard of this undramatic drama film which was shot over 12 years and shows the actors growing in real time as on-screen. Just like his other movies, this one too is as natural as life is. While being shot it was considered as a side project since Linklater got together with the cast every year for a few days to shoot for 12 years but in its full and final form it is nothing less than a lifetime achievement. Linklater was a visionary, totally dedicated to his films and thoughts, he did everything he needed to, to make sure his thoughts get executed to reality. In one quiet, perfect scene, Mason and a female school friend stroll down the street talking about nothing much, taking you back to all previous projects of Linklater.


Waking Life is an animated film about the nameless character who finds himself trapped in a continuous chain of dreams. He levitates from one scene to another, listening to various theories and philosophies by philosophers, intellectuals, and crackpots. It is definitely a very interesting film and any person who likes philosophy or likes to think out of the box will love it. It is a little difficult to follow at certain points. If you’ve already watched a few other Linklater films before this, you will recognise certain characters from other films in this one. It’s a great film and a must watch indeed.

This isn’t all, Linklater has done a lot of work that’s worth checking out. These were my favorite ones. It’s amazing how he thinks. I bet you won’t be able to find work that is as complex and different as Linklater’s anywhere. He definitely is an unsung hero who brought about a subtle revolution in Cinema all over the world.

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