Worried much after gorging on those tempting desi dishes like gajar ka halwa, desi ghee ke ladoo, gajaks? Because you gained few extra kilos and now the heat is killing already! Relax, because we are here for to give you a few diet tips to get back in shape

Say no to junk

All that junk food that tempts you, avoid it all, for a few weeks. Don’t go on that burger-date with your girlie even if that tempts you!

Gotta eat ‘em greens

Hate eating those green vegetables? High five! But, babe, you have to eat those veggies and fruits to get back in shape. Try to make an interesting salad out of those boring veggies, have fresh fruit salads, and juices, and it wouldn’t be that bad!

Add that cuppa!

Have a cup of green tea after your meals, begin your day with a cup of lukewarm water. In fact, it also helps those suffering with bloating.

Divide your meals

Rather than having larger portions at once, divide your meals in as many numbers as you can. This will help you eat lesser at a time, and you will not even have to stay hungry!

What’s there in your pocket?

This is one fun and easy tip, keep some dry fruits or snacks like chane, murmure in your pocket whenever going out for a longer time. As soon as you feel hungry, have those snacks and you are good to go! This way, you will not have to eye on that pizza or fried momos.


Last but not the least, begin your workout now. If you love to have fun while you workout, join some dance classes or aerobics. And if you are an early bird, go cycling or for a jogging!