While people were busy celebrating Holi and enjoying amongst each other, on March 13, at the very same time, a group of people assaulted a doctor in a government hospital in Dhule, Maharashtra. Yes, you read that right, Dr Rohan Mamorkar literally got beaten up black and blue because the hospital didn’t have efficient equipments.

And, Twitter user, @unkittenish brought this on this powerful platform Twitter, because none of the media covered this news!

She first tweeted these pictures of doc who got assaulted by a group of men.

And, later told that the doctor lost vision in one of his eyes, got many fractures and is currently fighting for his life in the ICU.

A similar incident had taken place in Solapur but because of lack of media coverage, many of us have don’t have any idea about it!

Drunk mob first threatened the doctor and forced him to treat the patient who suffered from a head injury. Note: Security was present.

The hospital staff got beaten up by the angry mob, and even thrashed the hospital.

Mrunal later posted the video where mob was assaulting the doctor and tried to beat him to death!

You can find the video here where doctor is being thrashed badly and asking for mercy.

This made me think of what are we doing to the doctors who save our lives, study hard to keep us healthy. Was it the doctor’s fault that facilities were not available in this hospital. Was he responsible for all this? The answer is NO… He was in fact, doing his duty and tried doing whatever he could! The doctor has suffered from some serious injuries on skull, abdomen and chest.

What is it that we should bring to our notice is that ‘What is the government doing with our taxes?’ and ‘Why nobody could save him while he was being beaten so badly, why was there no security at the hospital?’

This incident is a matter of shame for all of us and we must think about it and take possible initiatives.

Write down your comments and ideas below on how can we make our workplace safer?

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