Do you know about Holi celebrations in these 5 cities
Holi is around the corner and with the expectations of soaring temperatures by then, people have started with the preparations for the big day! Playing with water balloons, shooting with water guns, painting the world red with gulaal and eating ghujiya; there’s so much more to Holi. The festival celebrates the goodness of Prahlad over Holika, the onset of the spring season, and the legend of Radha and Krishna. With the vast diversity in India, there are unique ways in which the festival is celebrated all over the country. The religious rituals in South are different from those in North. While every city celebrates the festival of colors, there are some places known for their Holi celebrations in India:

1. Jaipur

Until 2012, there used to be a grand elephant festival in Jaipur where the decorated elephants walk all around the city displaying the myriad of colors signifying the festival. Though now, that doesn’t happen, yet the royal city of rich heritage and culture is famous in India. Because playing in the Pink City gives more colors to Holi.

2. Vrindavan

The grand Holi celebrations in Mathura and Vrindavan takes you back to the era of Radha-Krishna. According to the mythology, Lord Krishna cribbed about having a dark complexion to Yashoda Maiya while Radha had a beautiful fair complexion. Yashoda Maiya suggested Krishna to color Radha along with other gopis. This tradition continues in Vrindavan till date and so the festival is so popular there.

3. Pushkar

Holi played in the small town of Rajasthan, Pushkar is one of the best Holi played in India. By the side of the crystal clear sacred lake, it is one day of chilling, dancing and crazy playing with the colors. The place, for chillum lovers, gives many colors to enjoy and express your joy.

4. Delhi

Apart from the vibrant colors, the festival is known for the consumption of bhang in Delhi. A Holi party is incomplete without intoxicating yourself and then drowning all your sorrows in water and coloring your lives bright with gulaal.

5. Maharashtra and Gujarat

In Maharashtra, there is a tradition of hanging a pot full of butter high up, and a team of boys with Krishna on the top attempt to reach and break that pot of butter. That’s how the people there celebrate Holi apart from playing with colors and tossing water balloons.

So, how are you planning to celebrate Holi this year?