Days Without you

Sipping a cup of coffee, sitting on a rocking chair and visualize the beauty of nature thru my apartment balcony is not that easy. Its sound weird but it’s a fact; it’s really not that easy because this all is WITHOUT YOU.

drinking coffee

I remembered the days when we were woke up and drank coffee together. We chit-chat, teased each other daily. Our routines were not that normal one; it’s full of energy, enthusiasm, and fun. Whenever I said something your smile told me several words in a moment of seconds. Your perfume fragrance is still in my mind, how you treat your hairs, your hand movement thru your hairs, aaahhhh!!! It’s all just a flash.

cooking together

Our kitchen memories were never comparable. Every time I entered there and tried to prepare something it’s not that taste what we had at that time. We loved to cook together, drank together simultaneously. Whether you cooked or me it was amazing. Now, I am not able to cook nor able to try new things, experiments in food which I had a habit.

TV watching, of course, the most hated part of your life. You always complained that I spent most of the time with my gadgets whether it’s TV, mobile, laptop, Ipad anything. Now, this gadget thing has no fun without you. I know you will kill me for this but this is a fact. When you were here available then only it’s a fun to watch or work with you. As you were present here to tease me, shout on me but now no one here to stop me, so no show at all.

During nights I am just had my dinner just for the sake of stomach and lying down on the bed, I have nothing to do. All things are just meaningless without you. No parties, no hangouts, no long drives, and no walks nothing excites me nowadays.

smiling each other

Previously when I came back from office and talking to you made my whole day fresh and tiredness was flying like anything. Your smile was enough for me to make me active throughout the day. But now things are totally changed, I worked or act like a machine only. Did my daily routine task and switch off by the end of the day.


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