Cricket marries Bollywood VirushkaWEDDING

Some people are in shock while some are still wondering that how suddenly the Manyawar advertisement became a reality in the lives of Virat and Anushka! Well, the wait was over for Virat’s fans yesterday when he took it to Twitter and announced their successful marriage with couple’s loveliest picture ever. Twitter’s gone crazy with #VirushkaWEDDING trending tremendously. Let us take a look at what Virat and his colleagues have to say about the grand affair:

1. Virat got emotional, thanking his family and fans.

2. Sirji blessed them with best wishes for what they’ve proven to the world!

3. Seems like Sourabh Pant felt better on Twitter after a long time.

4. While East India Company keeps the funny side up.

5. Maybe, Virushka can have a thought about this. 😂

While the friends, family and fans tweeted on Twitter, another ‘out-of-the-box’ fan did something fantabulous for the couple! Have a look at this delightful art by Akanksha Badaya. (Doodle)

Jab Cricket Met Bollywood
Doodle by Akanksha, @art_lover_09


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