As the famous writer Voltaire once said “Writing is the painting of voice”. Well, to start with something new(writing), I thought to start writing for her, who gave me this beautiful life. Science is the mother of all inventions, you are the mother of this small creation. I have just tried to correlate the mother-ness with the five elements of nature (Pancha Bhoota) – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky (space).

Someone who loves us wholeheartedly. Someone who is the inventor, discoverer, creator of us. Throughout the world all moms have same fidelity.

A live goddess in everyone’s life. Someone who continues the Humanism.
Have jotted down few words to describe a minimal percentage of her givings. And it goes like ……….

Incredible, Unrepeatable & Incomparable
An unwrapped gift
As you exist I persis
Your love is compassion
Full of devotion
As pure as FIRE
Fulfilling my desire
Of all the rest
Making me feel the best
An unconditional car
Which I feel all around in the AIR
Friend, adviser, chef and teacher
Showing various forms as of WATER
I owe you much as SKY
Which the whole world can not buy
For me you are the bountiful resource as
During the times even I am trapped by
I promise to be of little worth
for giving me


No more a human, just a HUWOMAN. Ex-servant of private sector. Sapiosexual