Closure: The End

Imagine watching a really good movie at home and right before the final scene the power goes out. That’s kinda how we feel when a relationship ends abruptly.

We really struggle with the idea of a romance not officially ending. Many of us will never truly find love because of some inconsiderate ex who chose not to be courteous enough to give a proper send off. For that reason I composed a short checklist to help you write your own ending.

I Accept…

Easier said than done, but you must accept that the person you loved simply walked away. For whatever reason they simply chose to leave things in an odd state. Again, easier said than done, but make up your mind to not hold a grudge or be angry about it. Any time negative thoughts or sadness come about over the lost relationship, simply whisper to yourself-I accept, it’s over.The more you train your mind with this concept of acceptance, the easier it will be to establish closure.

Excuses, Excuses…

Don’t make hypothetical excuses for your ex. S/he was inconsiderate and that’s it. End of story! If you keep going with the what-ifs, the story will never end and healing cannot take place. Train your mind to stop coming up with scenarios and let go. Tell yourself I am not going to make excuses.

Your Ex did you a favor…

Yes,I said it! The inconsiderate person who walked away without saying goodbye did you a favor. If, it didn’t happen now, it would have happened a month or a year, or, years from now. Stealing precious time from your life.

It may take a while to grasp this concept. However, once you do, closure is in reach! Which means love is around the corner. So, keep reminding yourself – s/he did me a favor!


Demarquis is an internationally exhibited visual artist and a published playwright and songwriter. His goal in life is to inspire people to prevail over there current situation.