Fukrey Returns Pulkit Samrat Tu mera yaar hai

Do you think the relationship of friendship is reduced to just being friends on Facebook? Or Sending wishes on WhatsApp? Liking pics on Instagram? And following each other on twitter? Is friendship mere a word.. Is friendship already dead or on death bed.. Can you still say that “Tu mera yaar hai” find out..what’s your take do comment as well..

For quite some time I was thinking about writing something, I was wondering what to write. And then I thought why not write on a thing that is scarce and will soon fade out. The word that starts with “F” and relationship that is meaningless in today’s time is “Friendship”.

Though the relationship of friendship is meaningless the friends are so mean these days, “Matlabi Dost.”

PM Modi ignores LK Advani

They will be friends with you if you are of some benefit to them. You will be ignored and ignored very badly just like Modiji is ignoring Advaniji these days.

Also how Arun jaitleyji ignored the common man in the budget. How pathetic it feels when someone you feel so much for, someone you hoped,  prayed and even made sacrifices for them and yes have a role in their success and once successful they ignore you if you don’t know how it feels.

Ask Abhishek Bachchan how he felt during this moment.

Gone are the days when you used to play marbles,  top (bhavra) , Pakda pakdi, chuppan chupai, sakli daaw and of course cricket, but these days people do play games only the way they play have changed, these days they play mind games..

Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge - Sholey

You don’t know the person you are hugging might try to kill you with a knife,  the Sholay kind of friendship died long back, RIP friendship.

The friends you have these days are ghosts they can’t see you succeed, they are evil,  they try to demotivate you and kill you from inside.

And everyone is possessed, including you and me.

But every evil has an end, and it’s the hero who kills it, for you, you are the hero,  kill your ego, let go, hug with a big heart, let people and friendship be real. Yes, you can do it.

Funny Leone, based in Mumbai, Ex Journalist, Did Bachelor's in Mass Media specializing in Journalism, Currently pursuing Law.