Is summer taking a toll on your diet and extreme heat making your thirsty tongue hang dry? This easy-to-cook desi dish and a simple drink will give you the relief you want and deserve to beat the heat this summer.
We are well-versed with milk and its products, but do you know how tasty it can be? Presenting, curd rice with a twist! 😉


Here are the ingredients which are a must-have in your grocery basket during summers to cook this finger-lickin’ delicacy:
1. Desi Ghee (11/2 tbsp)
2. Curry leaves (10-15 leaves)
3. Cumin seeds (1 tsp)
4. Mustard seeds (3/4 tsp)
5. Dry red chilli whole (2, each cut into 2 pieces)
6. Onion (2 no., chopped into long thin slices)
7. Fresh curd (2 small bowl)
8. Turmeric Powder (1/2 tsp)
9. Red chilli Powder (3/4 tsp, preferably Everest Kutilal)
10. Biryani Masala (optional)
11. Long grain rice (1 bowl)
12. Salt (to taste)

Let’s start with the preparation now!

1. Take a deep cylindrical vessel and boil rice in water which is three times the quantity of rice.
2. Mix turmeric powder, red chilli powder and biryani masala in curd and leave it to marinate for some time.
3. Place a deep wok on the other burner and heat Desi Ghee in it. Simmer the flame and put curry leaves, cumin seeds, mustard leaves, dry red chillies and onion into it.
4. Sauté the ingredients, until onion turns slightly brown. Once done, turn up the flame, pour the curd mixture into the wok and stir it well.
5. Keep a check on rice as it shouldn’t be over-cooked. Remove excess water once rice is soft enough to be squished by fingers. Keep the boiled rice aside.
6. After 10 minutes of cooking curd, empty the boiled rice into the wok and mix it well with light hands to avoid breaking of the long grain rice.
7. Simmer the flame and cover the wok for 5 minutes so that it develops a rich taste!
8. Add salt to taste, coriander leaves to garnish.
Mouth-watering Curd rice masala twist is ready to be savored and give pleasure to your appetite!


A glass of Hamdard Rooh-afza drink, served chilled with 6 ice cubes, complements the taste of masala curd rice and hydrates your dry tongue.
Curd keeps your body cool and also improves the digestion. So this delicacy won’t be heavy to eat and provides you all the nutrition you need to keep going all day long.

So, go ahead, take yourself on a date to the kitchen and treat yourself with this delightful dish because you deserve it! Happy summer!

A Data Analysis and Solutions Engineer by profession and a singer, guitarist, foodie, drummer, biker, animal-lover; Piyush Chaturvedi works at Mindtree Pvt. Ltd. in Pune. He’s a keen traveler, biker and loves to explore adventurous places on unplanned trips. Piyush keeps people around him motivated and is a stress-buster guy. Keeps logical approach towards life and thinks from his heart, he doesn’t want people to judge his kind hearted personality by his looks.