April Fools day with Some amazing Pranks

April Fools Day has now developed into an international festival of fun, with different nationalities celebrating the day in special ways. This is the one day a year when it’s deemed completely okay for all of us to play pranks on each other. A good April Fools’ prank makes everyone laugh, even the person who’s the target of the prank. The key to pulling off a great prank is making sure no one is harmed by it. The following pranks will provide some April Fools’ fun without compromising anyone’s safety. These all pranks are good fun and we guarantee laughter all around.

1. Scaring people and pranking them is always fun.

2. Some evergreen pranks

3. How would you feel if someone pulls the chair when you are about to sit?? Watch some old and gold annoying stupidity in public pulling the chairs

4. The headless man running on streets and park

5. Don’t ever try to fool your dad because dad makes pranks go wrong

As you croon it, plan your pranks, but ensure they are harmless and a caution – beware! Happy Easter and have fun on this April fool day.

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