A Lightless Night
We feel more than what should be felt, when we are in the mode of feeling. I was walking down home when I met a friend, lifeless, restless and hopeless. Lifeless as it has no life. Restless as it serves us non stop 24/7, from the time it is being made till it is distracted. Hopeless as it never ever has a hope either on its maker or its user. It said a lot to me on that lightless night. I heard more than what it said on that lightless night.

You walk on the lightless lane,
I bet you will forget all your Pain.
In the dim light of those twinkling stars,
They won’t be those triggering mental wars.

I walked, walked and walked.

The silent was the road and silent was me,
In the dark, I saw the road and the road saw me.

I kept stepping on its chest, it smiled and helped me reach my home,
Tomorrow again I will walk on the same road, as I cant see it alone.

I with a life and it is lifeless,
It has always been helpful and me many times been ruthless.

I walked, walked and walked.

The immobile trees beside had their leaves twirling,
The dust on the surface was seen whirling.

All this was done by the windy wind…
Its harshness was making the road feel skinned.

But the road tolerated speedy and the rough.
The vehicles moving made the road tough.

I walked, walked and walked.

Without permission, that rain wets it, and sun makes it dry,
In front of whom and where does it go and Cry.

We make it dirty, we make it look ugly,
I don’t know how it breathes, under the garbage nubbly.

The best part is, everything on it comes and goes,
It remains fixed and still, as biggest responsibility it owes.

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